Sexual Encounter Ended As Man Wanted to Use Sandwich Bag Instead of Condom.










Gena Kaufman of told us about the encounter her reader had with a good looking man inside a bar and before long they left for his house for a lustful encounter. Back in his room, things started to get pretty hot and the woman ask if he is using protection. The man started giving excuse that it would felt alot better without a condom but he knew she will not have it any other way. He couldn't find one and did not have any luck asking his room mate but came across an idea. Few seconds later, he went back to her with a sandwich bag in his hand and it was then that she quickly left.

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Can Hulk Hogan Muscle His Way to Victory For $100 Million Over Controversial Sex Video?














Former wrestling star, Hulk Hogan may be flexing his muscle in the ring but does his brute force ensure victory in the court room?

Hollywood Esq reported that Hogan refile a suit in the in the state court against 2 defendant, Gawker who posted excerp of the 30 minute video and Heather Clem, the said sex partner in the video with Hogan.

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Alleged sex video of Hulk Hogan and Heather Clem below:

Sofia Vergara Wardrobe Malfunction on New Year’s Eve Club Brawl

Actress, Sofia Vergara's fiance, Nick Loeb was thrown out of an exclusive nightclub after scuffle broke out with the next table in the VIP area. London Evening Standard reported that Sofia tried to cool the heated argument resulting in her left breasts being exposed with much embarrassment in this unusual wardrobe malfunction fiasco. She was dressed in a strapless attire.

All is well between the Colombian star and Nick by the time they returned to their hotel room



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Watch the video below for more story on Sophia's and the club's brawl.

Is Masterbation Healthy and What is Considered Excessive or Becoming An Addiction?

Let’s face it. Masturbation is part of our life and the majority of teenagers and adults engaged in this sexual act. There is nothing immoral, embarrass, sinful or dangerous about it. In fact, according to Dr. Ranjeet S Baral masterbation offer many health benefits for the body by helping to release stress, insomnia and anxiety. For those who suffer depression, it can promote release of endorphins that improve one’s mental and physical health. Frequent erection and ejaculation strengthened your libido, increase muscle relaxation and help you fall asleep.
excessive masterbation photo

However, excessive masterbation is considered bad because you can become so accustomed to getting it the way you want it to the point where your partner will fail to please you. In a way, too much masterbation may cause a strain in your sexual relationship with your partner. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to over doing it. Some young adults are more sexually active than others and can masterbate few times a day and still not considered excessive.

For sexually active men, masterbation helps reduce incidence of premature ejaculation while women can learn to achieve orgasm if they have trouble during sex with a partner.

What can be term too much is when one is addicted to the point where it becomes a compulsive disorder.

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How to Sexting and Masterbate Together Over Text?

Sexting is a term that start to gain popularity with the introduction of mobile phones that have the ability to send text messages and graphic images to one another.

Sex texting or simply exchanging sex messages can lead to imaginative sex without the physical presence of the other person. This can arouse one's fantasy leading to masterbation with one hand while carrying out texting with the other. It is about telling the other person what you are doing to yourself, how that makes you feel, what you desire and want to do with the other person.

It is different from phone sex or video sex that can elevate arousal with speech, sound and moving images. Sex texting can also lead to exchanging of photos of one in compromising position and it is never a good idea sending nude pictures of yourself to strangers or person you trust.

Beautiful Paraguayan Model Claudia Wearing See-Thru Vest While Carrying Her Baby

Claudia Galanti seems comfortable wearing revealing clothes for photo shoot in Miami while taking care of her child.

The scene doesn't stop there with more racy shoot wearing hotpants, black tank top and leopard print jacket. This is one sexy 31 years old doting mother of 2 that reveal cleavage while modeling in a leather coat.





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Kristen Stewart Nude Twice-In-A-Row (Almost!)

Kristen Steward in revealingly nude gown by designer: Zuhair Murad at Part 2 Premier in LA - Yesterday's Breaking Dawn on Nov 13, 2012














The superstar of the sequel Twilight flew off to London for another promotional tour with the rest of the crew was again spotted with nude sexy figure hugging embroidered black dress!














Jada Wong of STYLEITE says that wearing revealing dress while jetsetting back and forth from LA to London is a cause for concern with potentially another "wardrobe malfunction" waiting to happen!

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Want to see Kristen Steward naked breast? Check out the video below:

Anne Hathaway Reveals She is Not Wearing an Underwear At Les Miserables Premiere

30-something super-star, Ann Hathaway caught without her panties while getting off from a car at the Les miserables premiere in New York on Monday Dec 10, 2012.


The Hollywood celebrity was wearing a black bondage-type attire giving paparazzi and our readers a good peek. Although she went ahead and put up a good show at the red carpet event, she was unaware of her act while climbing out of her car.

Among other stars at the premier including cast members Russel Crowe, Amanda Seyfried and Hugh Jackman. Although it does not seems to be an accident, we leave it for you to judge!

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