Bella Thorne Braless With Nipple Piercing

Chic looking Bella Thorne wearing a revealing top and a black shiny joggers. Courtesy:

19-year-old Bella Thorne was wearing a black satin sheer top while leaving The Peppermint Club in West Hollywood. The sleeveless top is completely see through and she did not wear anything underneath revealing a nipple piercing.

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Demi Moore Wardrobe Malfunction At West Hollywood Birthday Bash

Demi Moore nip slip exposes her right boobs. Courtesy:

54-year-old Demi Moore attended Jennifer Meyer's 49th birthday wearing a dark blue dress. The loose dress eventually gave way to a nip slip when it was revealed she was not wearing a bra underneath.

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Italian Model Chiara Ferragni Suffered A Nip Slip At Miami Beach

Chiara Ferragni's nip slip while wearing a designer bra. Courtesy:

29-year-old Italian businesswoman, shoe designer, blogger and model, Chiara Ferragni was holidaying at Miami Beach with her boyfriend, Federico Leonardo Lucia. Unfortunate for her, she suffered a nip slip while having fun at Miami beach.

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Gifty Louise Had a Wardrobe Malfunction at Launch of Derren Brown’s VR Event

X-Factor's Gifty Louise nip slip at Derren Brown's VR Event. Courtesy:

21-Year-Old Gifty Louise outfit was attending the launch of Derren Brown's Virtual Realty experienced said to be the world's scariest. She was dressed in a pink crochet bra that could hardly contain her nipples when it slipped out of position.

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Ireland Baldwin Nip-slip After Power Stylist’s Dinner in Los Angeles

Ireland Baldwin, daughter of Alec Baldwin suffers wardrobe malfunction after attending
a dinner in Los Angeles. Courtesy:

21-Year-Old Ireland Baldwin left the Power Stylist's Dinner hosted by Jimmy Choo wearing a black jacket and shorts. However, a slight move of her arm and her large breast could not contain itself in the braless jacket. Its a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen and gave paparazzi a sneak peak at her nip slip.

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This Will Change You Attitude Towards Dental Dam for Oral Sex

How dental dam can help you and your partner prevents transmission of STIs. Courtesy:

Dental dam is traditionally used by dentist for dental procedures such as fillings and root canals. It is a rectangular sheet of latex or non-latex materials used to cover the mouth.
Once in place, it serves to isolate a tooth or a set of teeth dry and clean from the rest of the mouth for the doctor to perform the procedures free from bacteria and keep the tongue away.

The idea of using dental dam evolves into the sex industry with the rapid increase of the various forms of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STI) cases in the United States.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) described dental dams as "latex or polyurethane sheets used between the mouth and vagina or anus during oral sex." The difference is that dentist used a thicker sheet while dental dams for oral sex are thinner and much more sensitive. Basically it offers women pleasure, protected from oral infection similar to men using condoms that protect couples from sexual diseases transmitted orally. Your partner will place the dental dam using both hand and proceed to give you oral vaginal sex. You can purchase a dental dam from your local pharmacy, online or alternatively turn a rubber glove or a piece of condom into a dental dam.

You can turn a piece of condom into a dental dam. Courtesy:


Watch the video below on how dental dam help couples have safe oral sex

With so much benefits, why is dental dams remain unpopular till this days?
There are several more question you need to ask yourself and your partner before we can answers that question.

• The idea of putting a thin sheet of latex over one's mouth is certainly not sexy at all. Have you heard of any Celebrities promoting safe sex using oral dams?

• The psychological thought of having to ask your male partner to place a sheet of latex over his mouth for foreplay and another in the form of a condom for sex maybe too much for some people despite knowing the risk of unprotected sex.

• Is it too much to ask you partner to use a dental dam that can protect you from a slew of diseases like chlamydia, HPV, Gonorrhea, Herpes, Syphilis and Hepatitis A & B? The answer is a resounding "YES, " especially knowing that contracting herpes is incurable.

• Yes it does reduce the sensation and sensitivity but this can be overcome by placing silicon lube on the side facing the vagina prior to performing oral sex on your partner.

• If your male partner is not used to the idea of licking a piece of latex but has he accepted the idea of you performing oral sex on him with a piece of condom over his shaft?

• If you or your partner has STI, using one but not the other will still leave either of you vulnerable to infection.

There is really no time for excuses. The next time you carry a condom, make sure to bring two for pleasure and protection.


Chanel West Coast Poses In Revealing Top

Photos of Chanel West Coast at Miami Beach. courtesy: Instagram

28-year-old Rapper, Chanel West Coast was at the shores of Miami beach. She had her revealing photos taken in various poses and uploaded it on Instagram ( ) for all her fans to see.

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Watch Chanel West Coast in action via YouTube for her official music video, "The Life," below:

Mariah Carey Nip Slip After Split with James Packer

Mariah Carey suffered nip slips in Maui, Hawaii. Courtesy:

Mariah Carey is no stranger to nip slips. In her latest frolick with back up dancer, Bryan Tanaka after her split from Billionaire, James Packer she told the world that it does not take a $10 million engagement ring to be romantically linked to her ouch!

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CDC Warns Public Over Explosive Rise in STD Infection

Courtesy: NHS campaign poster

Courtesy: NHS campaign poster

If you are single, married, straight or LGBT you need to be aware that having oral, vaginal or anal sex and even genital touching with anyone will expose you to Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD). According to the 2015 CDC report gonorrhea and chlamydia cases are at all time high. Gonorrhea are prevalent among the 15-24 age group. In the 2014 to 2015 period, around 18% of men and less than 7% of women are infected in mostly the throat, rectum and genitals area and the disease is increasingly resistant to drug therapy.

The other common STDs are Chlamydia and Syphilis. Each year around 3 million people in the U.S. contracted Chlamydia. There is an increase of 5.9% of Chlamydia cases in 2015 compared with 2014. Although the infection can be cured but if left untreated can result in permanent damage to female reproductive system.

In the 2014 to 2015 study, the rise in Syphilis infection among women (27.3%) are higher than men (18.1%). The contagion causes painless sore but often confused as harmless bump but if left untreated can cause problem to your eyes and even lead to permanent eye damage.

If you want to avoid STD, practice safe sex and visit your doctor for treatment of any contracted STD disease to minimise infection to your partner(s). CDC recommended ways to prevent STDs.

1. Abstinence from anal, vaginal and oral sex

2. Vaccination for hepatitis B and HPV

3. Avoid or reduce the number of sex partners

4. Mutual monogamy. If you can agree with your partner for long term sexual relation with each other only.

5. Condoms. Wear them for oral, vaginal and anal sexual activities helps reduce transmission of STDs

Last but not least, advice from team, masturbate!

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Dad Pays for Daughter’s Mismatch Breast Surgery

Photo of Dara Bruce Before and After her breast surgery to fix the mismatch sizes. Courtesy:

Photo of Dara Bruce Before and After her breast surgery to fix the mismatch sizes. Courtesy:

27-year-old Dara Bruce grew up with a pair of mismatched breasts. At around 12 or 13 years of age, her breasts started to grew but her right breast outgrew her left ones. She ended up with a C-cup for her right breast and an A-cup for her left. This has affected her confidence especially when she wears underwear or bathing suits. She ends up having to wear extra padding for her left bra to make up the shortfall. The cost for breast augmentation in Florida was around $9000 but she could not afford it.

Photo of Dara Bruce mismatch breasts before her surgery. Courtesy:

Photo of Dara Bruce mismatch breasts before her surgery. Courtesy:

However, thanks to her Dad, Daryl Bruce who sold his house earlier this year and with extra money on hand, he decided to help her daughter pay for her surgery at Sarasota Plastic Surgery Centre in Florida. The 3-hour operation had both her breasts resized to D-cup plus nipples reconstruction. Dara is so happy with the result and she said. “Now I love how I look,” and “I wouldn’t change it for the world.” Now Dara can wear anything she likes and that has help her with her self-confidence!

The confident Dara Bruce after the corrective breasts augmentation. Courtesy:

The confident Dara Bruce after the corrective breasts augmentation. Courtesy:

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