Durex Condom Prices & Types

durex condom price type and size

We have the price lists for large selection of lowest priced Durex Condoms for sale here. Before buying we recommend that you read the following and know what really suits you. Do not just buy and regret it later. If you have purchase the wrong type of condom this may not only affect your performance in bed but your partner may feel uncomfortable down there. Do you want to see your evening wrecked at the very moment of excitement?

1) Find out what is the correct size of Durex condom you wish to buy by measuring your erected penis and match it against size, thickness and length on the packaging. Standard Durex condom width are 49mm, 52mm and 56mm. Maximum condom width produced under Durex brand is the Extra Large (XL/XXL) 57mm. The smallest sized condom manufactured by Durex is the 49mm width, Kingtex condom for the Asian market. If you have tried doing a google search on condom sizes by the maker of Durex condom, be prepared to be disappointed. They do not publish how to measure your penis length or width but do acknowledge that one size does not fits all. If you really need to go for the exact size or custom fit condoms, a simple search on the internet will lead you to the diverse world of condoms. Some people prefer it tight around the penis while others may want more lubricants. Yet some people may have smaller width penis that can be compensated with thicker condoms. The best advise is to estimate the size of your penis and go to the local pharmacy. Purchase several different options available and try it on for comfort and if the condom covers the entire length of your penis. Read the rest of our tips below before buying to make sure you understand all the option available. The choice is yours to choose.

2) Be sure to determine the the type of condoms that suits you. Are you allergic to rubber or latex condoms or you can choose the non-latex varieties available.

3) Do you need highly/super sensitive, thin/ultra-thin condoms. Extra sensitive that heightened sensation in lovemaking. You should buy Durex's "Extra Sensitive" or "Invisible" range of condoms. Alternatively, try Durex RealFeel, the non-latex version made from polyisoprene. If you want the feeling close to not wearing a condom and much more satisfying love making session, this may be for you.

4) Do you or does your partner fancy certain colors or flavors for oral sex? Try the tropical or fruit flavored condoms range that comes in Apple, Orange, Banana and Strawberry in their respective colors. You can find it here

5) Durex condoms are sold in a variety of pack. You can buy 1 condom up to a pack of 100 pieces or even 1000 pieces wholesale price. Its always cheaper to buy pack with multiple pieces.

6) Next you can choose condoms that are lubricated or use only water based lubricants. If you have no preference we suggest you just buy the standard lubricated Durex condoms.

7) If your partner prefers certain scent on the condom, you may purchase different smell and flavored condoms such as orange, strawberry or chocolate

8) If you want to pleasure your partner even more check out the range with rib, dotted or stud on the surface of the condom. Look for Durex Pleasuremax condoms.

9) Do you have problem with premature ejaculation or simply too excited and sensitive but wish to prolonged your performance. Durex have that covered too with Performax Intense condoms.

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