This website is dedicated to a motorcycle with licensed plate no. CU 967. In plain English, CU is the abbreviation for "See You" while the sequential numbers "9 6 7" literally means "masterbate" in certain Chinese dialect.
masturbate masterbate mastubate
We aim to share our knowledge about Masterbation for Men and Women and connect with like minded people. You'll find highly informative articles and posts on all your masterbation and jack-off questions you may have on this site! We are determine to answer some of the most sought after questions pertaining to this subject where we find people (including ourselves) interested in searching for the answers but were just too embarrass to ask.

The Oxford Dictionary define "masturbate" as:

"stimulate one’s genitals with one’s hand for sexual pleasure:
We do not like to admit that we masturbate (with or without object) stimulate the genitals of (man or woman) to give them sexual pleasure."

What is Masterbation?
Masterbation is a physical pleasure that is widely practice in privacy when an individual had the urge, with or in the absence of a sexual partner. Such leisurely activities are performed behind closed door and does not differentiate a person from homosexual-ism, lesbianism or straight. The word is as ancient as human's understanding of pro-creation but does nothing to create babies!

For couples (again, with no gender differentiation), it can be an act of foreplay that lead into something else. The site consist of posts full of informative materials and pages that may display extreme graphic, suitable for mature audiences only. Under 18's and for certain countries that do not allow viewing of sexual materials, be warned and please exit here if they are illegal in your country.

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